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I'm Ellen, enamel pin designer & artist

My designs mostly feature celestial imagery. I love the moons and stars; they always find a way to sneak into my designs. My illustrations flow between gothic and magical themes; potions, skulls, plants, and animals all find a place in my work.

  • Ellen (ellenstration)

    Is a designer/artist living in Wales, UK. She loves collecting things she finds on walks when she isn't drawing. Interesting sticks, stones, leaves and sea shells, you name it, she picks them up and adds them to her 'collection'.

  • Hades

    Is a Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon mix. He is a big scared cat, especially of doorbells. His job is to check the post, mainly to see if the postman hasn't hidden any kitten treats inside. Spoilers, he never does!

  • Klaus

    Is a Sphynx cat. Being a hairless cat, he has a superpower to seek warmth; if you have a lap, he will sit on it. Mostly his job is admin, which means knocking my mouse off the table every chance he gets.

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